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Nydia Tijerina Darby

Nydia Darby

A Doctor of Physical Therapy and an experienced yoga educator, Nydia Darby is the director of Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio in San Antonio, Texas. She has combined her work in orthopedic, spine and women’s health physical therapy with her extensive movement, fitness and yoga experience to create a unique service that melds traditional western physical therapy with traditional eastern Hatha yoga lifestyle practices.

This practice that she calls “Nydia’s Yoga Therapy,” focuses on listening to and acknowledging the whole person, on reducing the suffering of those who experience acute and/or chronic pain and improving physical function to positively affect quality of living. It is Nydia’s desire to teach individuals as much as they care to know about their physical bodies, to reduce the fear of the unknown and to empower them to make informed choices about the care of their most precious possession—their “whole health.”




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