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Our Mission

Provide the tools that empower, educate and develop a higher quality and diversified yoga teacher.

Description of OHI Teacher Training


Accept other ideas and be open to what is unknown

The Open Hand Institute provides a platform where students and yoga teachers of all kinds can come together to learn, grow, and further their education. OHI is looking for people who are committed to being life-long learners and open to different ideas and styles. Our program is a one-of-a-kind experience that presents a diversified and talented faculty, which will allow students and teachers of all practices to gain new perspectives on truly living their own individual yoga lifestyle.

Leadership. Be an inspiration

purple-grad lotus

Speak with confidence. Move with poise.

Feedback Development

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Learn different ways to communicate with your peers and students in order to become the most effective, authentic, and intelligent teacher you can be.

Asana, Pryanayama, Meditation

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Participate in structured practice. Immerse yourself in understanding and experience of the eight limbs of yoga.

OHI is looking for people who are committed to being life-long learners.

2017-2018 Training Schedule

OHI 200 Hour Level One Description:

Begins with preparatory work in the fundamental study of anatomy & physiology, yoga sutra, the eight limbed path of yoga lifestyle, and introduction to OHI Level One Asana practice.

This work prepares the Trainee for the weeklong intensive that will integrate the preparatory work into the core curriculum formed with daily asana, practice teaching, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness and yoga lifestyle practice.

The concepts presented will support each Trainee as they participate in self exploration, leadership experiences, empowerment, and the giving and receiving of feedback.

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OHI Students

Core Principles of OHI

Principles that comprise a well centered yoga teacher:

TRUTHFULNESS: The ability to communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively.

AWARENESS: The use of all senses to be present.

FOCUS: Be where you are.

LIFELONG LEARNER: Accept other ideas and be open to what is unknown.

RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS: Everything starts with you.


OHI brings together world class educators in three distinct yoga modalities, yoga-specific training in musculoskeletal anatomy, and real-world business training.