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200-Hour Training


The Open Hand Institute provides a platform where students and yoga teachers of all kinds can come together to learn, grow, and further their education. OHI is looking for people who are committed to being life-long learners and open to different ideas and styles. Our program is a one-of-a-kind experience that presents a diversified and talented faculty, which will allow students and teachers of all practices to gain new perspectives on truly living their own individual yoga lifestyle.


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3 Different Yoga Modalities



There is yoga… and then there is OHI yoga. We will expose you to 3 different class and sequence structures: Therapeutic Astanga method, Present Power Yoga method and Hot Yoga method.

Be Authentic to You



OHI will give you space to develop your own teaching style and provide a framework for constant improvement through peer review and feedback.

Immerse yourself In Experience



Be present with yourself and others with structured asana practice, meditation, and pranayama. Deepen your awareness to see yourself as your really are.

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Training Schedule

OHI 200 Hour Level One Description:

Begins with preparatory work in the fundamental study of anatomy & physiology, yoga sutra, the eight limbed path of yoga lifestyle, and introduction to OHI Level One Asana practice.

This work prepares the Trainee for the weeklong intensive that will integrate the preparatory work into the core curriculum formed with daily asana, practice teaching, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness and yoga lifestyle practice.

The concepts presented will support each Trainee as they participate in self exploration, leadership experiences, empowerment, and the giving and receiving of feedback.

2018 Dates coming soon!!!


The Goals of the OHI Training

By the end of the OHI Training the student will successfully be able to demonstrate, recognize, and have an understanding and proficiency in the following:




Exposed to 3 different class and sequence structures: Therapeutic Astanga Method, Present Power Method and Hot Yoga Method


Solid Foundation: Have an understanding of the Core Principles of the OHI Method


Into the Wild: Demonstrate practical application to feedback


Anatomy and Breath with Movement: Recognize the major joints of the body, the relationship to breath and movement


Yoga Philosophy: A general understanding and recognition of the concepts behind the 8 limbs of yoga


Yoga Lab: Participate in group learning, group feedback and posture clinic laboratory


Accountability: Held accountable for attendance and completion of all required course modules and hours


Continuous Improvement: Exposed to different ways on how to receive and give feedback


Stillness: Understand the basic science behind the meditation process and be able to explore and recognize the different ways of practicing meditation


Lead by Example: Leadership, public speaking, and how to inspire people


Yoga as a Profession: Learn the business side of yoga


Musculoskeletal Awareness: Exposed to different forms of muscle testing and awareness of potential injury within the practice


Comradery: Participate in structured yoga asana practice, meditation and pranayama


Beyond Teaching: Customer service, sales, and being an outstanding employee.



A well-qualified applicant will possess


Will Possess



A minimum of two years of consistent yoga practice


Prior yoga teaching experience preferred, but not mandatory to attend


Letter of recommendation from your existing studio or main teacher


If you are an existing yoga teacher, we require a current recording of your yoga class


Completed online application


A picture of you in your favorite yoga posture


A telephone interview


Medical waiver


$500 non-refundable deposit


A willing spirit, a sense of adventure, and a sense of humor


Show-stopping dance moves


Graduation Requirements and Attendance


Graduation requirements

Completion of all required activities, assignments, and tests.


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OHI brings together world class educators, a faculty of expertise, to illuminate, inform, and inspire.

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